Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hello to the mum(s)

Firstly I have to say I do own a mouli, I have even on occasion used it.

So why call this blog Mummy without a mouli? Well, because I want to write about the realities of motherhood and reach out to other mums who, like me, sometimes struggle to make home-made baby food and instead rely on Waitrose and the kitchen's of Ella and Annabel.

I want to share a naughty schoolgirl smirk with those who, like me, attempt to take their bundle of joy to various baby classes but on occasion struggle not to laugh when singing 'hello to the sun'.

I want to commune with those who have gone from dressing their mini-me's in coordinated Gap outfits to throwing together 'eclectic' infant ensembles comprising whatever is clean or free from puke, poo or puree stains.

And finally, I want to raise a virtual glass to those whose former wine-quaffing selves sometimes hover a few feet above their new legging wearing, slightly frazzled mummy-selves as this new incarnation sings 'The Wheels on the Bus' for the hundredth time, and shout's 'Come On! Snap out of it! Go and have a beer!'

So in the next few months I will share some of my experiences so far and hopefully it will provide some mum out there with the laugh they need to get through the sometimes long days and an answer a resounding yes to the scream 'Is there anybody out there who feels like me?'

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